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First off, tip of my hat for the awesome emulator.

On another note. I wanted to ask if it's at all possible to run nullDC through a command line. I've just finished building my own Arcade Cabinet and I'm currently running mamewah as a front-end for the thing. I was hoping to add Dreamcast to the console roster I currently have. Being able to play Marvel vs Capcom 2 on it would be a dream come true.

Also every time I restart the emulator the player 2 remote gets unplugged. I need to plug it in (through the file menu) everytime I run the emulator. Is it supposed to behave that way or am I doing something wrong (the buttons I set up for it don't change though).

And finally, is there a way to set it up so I can exit the emulator using just the ESC key? I quickly scanned the nulldc.cfg file but could not see any way to set it up.

With thanks
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