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Hey all, new to these boards but been a lurker for a while. Been doing the emu stuff for a few years now but just got into psx emulation, and I was surprised at how much easier it is and how many more choices there are as far as Playstation emulation goes. Yay for all the hard-working coders! :D

- So, the first game I tried on ePSXe was FF9, which to my surprise worked flawlessly after, ahem, _reading the readmes_ and turning on a few specialized options. The MDECs were smooth and the music played very nicely (after turning on the fps limit, before that the music went at about 240bpm ;) Only quibble I have is that the framerate drops drastically (and the music slows way down) in certain battles with large creatures and on the world map. Guess this has to do with all the stuff it has to process, but is there any way of speeding it up? My specs are at the end of the post :)

- One problem I have been having is quite odd. In FFTactics, I can get through the tutorial and intro just fine, but once it asks me to choose a name, my controls stop working. I can move the cursor but can't press any buttons, and therefore can't progress with the game. This also happens when trying to load up a saved game (selecting which card slot to use). It's so weird because the tutorial section works perfectly, I got through every section with no problem. Any hints? This also happens in Marvel vs. Capcom.

- Paradox's release of Legend of Dragoon crashes right after their little intro/cheat selection in all combinations I've tried. Hmm...

- Also, is there anyone around the web who has compiled a list of games/hardware configurations and the "best" plugin configurations for those games? Not as a definite answer to all possibilities, but just as a starting point for a little tweaking. Might be nice :p

Thanks in advance for any help, here's my setup:

P3-650, 384mb RAM, ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon AGP, SB Live Value, running Win2k Pro SP2, DirectX 8, MS Sidewinder Freestyle Pro USB

I'm running ePSXe with Pete's D3D DX7 Driver with Nice options (except off-screen drawing 2, framebuffer black), Null's SPU 48kHz, 16bit, all options on except mute and reverse) 1001 BIOS, internal Gamepad settings.

PS - Sorry for the length, or if I'm stupid and these questions have been answered before :)

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Okay a few problems of your ...let me seee.

- When FPS drop too much,press del during the game and enable frame skipping.It is the second one from the begining.

-Whenever the controls Jam.Simply press F4.......,That works..

-There are some special optimizations for some games in the Petes,plugins try those.

-Usually keep low configs of GPU to get more speed and compatabiliy.

I tried my best to help U,Sorry that no one over here gave U much attention.................;) ;) ;) So try to keep small posts....;)


Try setting Pete's plugins to fast setting and then adjust other options as you want.
When you mention Paradox's release of Legend of Dragoon, is this a pirated version?:mad: If it is, then it is not to be talked about here. These boards deal w/nothing illegal and no help will be given w/illegal things. If your other copies are illigal also, then there is your problem. Illegal copies are known to have flaws and never work as well as the originals. Just to be safe, I'm closing this thread. I'll check on the Paradox copy and if it is okay, I will reopen the thread and apologize. If it is illegal, consider this a warning and don't post about illegal copies in the future.
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