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at the moment the majority of the games i have run on epsxe but they go a bit slower than normal so i read it is possible to make my own plugin but i dont know where to get the program or really how to make one.the only way i can play games well at the moment is using petes software plugin in windowed mode 252* system is an amd k6 2 at 500mhz, 56 mb sdram and a trident mvp 4 card 8 mb. any help will be appreciated

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that sounds like a system from Compaq......(sucks ass)....... I would suggest you get a real video card...... that internal trident card sucks..... It also uses your system memory for vram..... that is why you only got 56..... I use to have a amd k6-2 533 and it came with that same setup...... Suffice to say, I got myself a voodoo 3 3000 pci quick....... and some additional ram.....

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It may sound crazy! but try Pete's soft plugin Full screen 320x240 (1x1 Stretch) and Frame Skipping OFF! << Key point

On my P500 machine with Frame Skipping off I get a full 60fps, with it on it drops to about 40! Very strange ;)

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hey, bahamut 2006
I really have your same system and i can tell you
I use my epsxe whit next configuration and it go for best speed
spu: null2´s mixer 1.35
gpu: pete d3d 1.51
cdr: pete cdr 1.5
try your conf in spu
cdr, well try autodetecion and faster modes
in gpu I send the pic
it really rocks
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