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A few ff9 probs...

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Is there a gpu that correctly emulates the little green blur in ff9 that comes out just before fights? this is more of a cosmetic issue than anything else.

also, i noticed several people before have posted questions about mdec errors, for example the green blotches on the right side of the screen when mdecs are playing. ive noticed that no amount of spu or gpu settings can fix this.

however, i did find out that when i used the pete cdrom plugin rather than the internal one, the blotches were siginificantly reduced in both size and number of occurences. however, petes cdr plugin seems to be really unstable for me. anyone wanna look into this for me?

here are my specs btw
athlon 900mhz
384 mb ram
geforce 2mx 64mb
sb live value
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Well,just set your GPU this way(Oete's OGL is better for GF cards) and you'll get the effect before the battles.

Now about your MDECs problem,I never had any with FF9.
thanks a bunch ill try it out!
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