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As a retro gamer I just thought I'd list a few consoles or machines that have not yet been emulated in the hope of someone here taking up these as a project. I'll also put the use of such an emulator next to it if I can think of one:
Nokia N-Gage, Shockingly this has still not been emulated despite selling over 3 million units and having some decent games like The Elder Scrolls Shadowkey. I for one would very much like to see this emulated.
Japanese i-mode (DoCoMo), This could be challenging but the phone had some re-makes of old games which could be very interesting as well as games that never got an english release.
Tiger Electronics handhelds, okay these are really bad but they're still part of gaming history and will be very nostalgic for many people.
Nintendo Game and Watches, Though these are available to play at the only way I could find to play them offline is by playing through the game and watch collection games on the original game boy and the GBA. Not quite the same though.
Those are just a few that I've thought of. If anyone else thinks of any please also include them below. Thank you very much for reading

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well , i found some one called Snail , he is an emu author .

he told me he had emulated N-gage using a sx-1 seimens emulator .

he said that nokia has stolen the hardware from siemens , so he emulated n-gage games .

well , at first i asked him about his emulators (just to be sure) , he gave me 3 .

2 of them were an update of gens (mega drive emu) and virtua nes (nes emulator)

and the 3rd one was one of his own for C64 .

then i'm sure now he is an emu author (not a stupid liar)

he says that siemens made the sx-1 emulators them selves .
and that they r about 25 mb in size .
but he says it's now a sim for n-gage and needs some work to do more.

what i want to say is that n-gage emulation is developing quickly (may be the fastest emulation development ever .

and btw , i told him i'm a member here and that ngemu respects emu authors and there r many of them there .
he told me that he is already a member in some other message boards (he told me the names but i can't remember now)

and that he already told ngemu team about it . ?
lol ... from 2003.... Ironic how N-gage is one of the only "unemulated"
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