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So, I downloaded epsxe so i could use it to play the hardcore version of FF7, and it was awesome, but now i have a couple of questions.

Are there any other games that people have edited or made hardcore versions of?

I see from reading around here that a .bin file is probably best in the case of ripping a game from a CD. Where do I start with that? Is there a program I need and is it easy to use?

Could I use that ripping process to play a game that freezes at a certain point from scratches on the CD? I've been trying to play a couple old games that won't work.

Are there english patches of Japanese games like Tactics Ogre?

Any general help before I start?

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.bin/.cue is alright in most cases, .ccd/.img/.sub is another one that works well with psx games. if you have a disc that is in bad condition it is sometimes possible to get a fully functional image out of it but it depends on how bad the damage is. some programs that you can use to create an image might not even be able to complete the process due to extensive damage, as the disc would be unreadable for it as well.

if you happen to find yourself in that kind of situation though i suggest you try several of them before throwing in the towel because ive had times where one could not read it but a different one could. a few scratches is probably alright but anything worse could result in nothing, you would just have to track down another copy of the game.

the best thing for you to do if you are new to psx emulation here is to read over the FAQs which are stickied at the top of each section/sub-section. the rest of your questions about the games and patches i cannot really answer because i have never delt with any of that stuff.
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