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First of all, is there a point to setting the internal Y res to 3? I mean, wouldn't this unbalance it if the X only goes to 2?

Also, in the advanced display properties of my video card, it says I have 256 dedicated video memory, plus some shared system memory for a total of 2047 mb of total available graphics memory. I have a pretty decent CPU, 4 gigs of RAM, and quite a bit of hard drive space left over. Is there any reason not to set my VRAM to 512 in the video settings? I haven't noticed any problems with it.

Finally, I think I understand what most all of the options do at this point, but what exactly do the hi-res textures pull down and the use pixel shaders for PSX texture window emulation do?

Thank you guys for your time and wonderful help! :D

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its a VRAM setting, not a shared memory cache, setting it higher can cause texture spillage and instaslowdown.

Uses shaders to simulate transparencies and blending, on cards which would otherwise have problems.
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