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a Chrono Cross thing

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:eek: iwas really surprised to see an emulator play an MDEC movie, but the memory card problem is a real drag.
:( anyway my real problem is about Chrono Cross. well, your campatibility chart says that crono works well, but each time i reach the point where after you use a teleporter to reach the upper level, after a few Kid dialogues, the game stops. ( supposedly afterwards, Serge kills Kid, then he wakes up from the dream) what sould i do?
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ermm, are u reffering to epsxe?
If yes push f4 twice during the freeze.
It should work

In the case of AdriPSX try pressing F-11 ;)

Hint.. Hint ;)

See ya.

i'm having the same problem as above with adripsx...
but i cant seem to solve it by pressing F-11 like Roor said....
so can anyone tell me an exact solution,or send me a savestate of adripsx right after that particular scene?

thanx in advance
try to press f15:eek: ,just kidding;)
:yawn: well i checked the log-out text file of adri (as i always do) and now i realize that each time i get the same problem with a game... the problem is really about memory cards (likewise happens in valkyrie profile, and also when you save memory cards in castlevania)
Mmmhhh... I haven't tested this, but... you can try by disabling HLE BIOS emulation ;) It worked for "Saga Frontier" in last released version.
I need help. When I go into mount pyre, the game freezes up after a battle. It only does this when I fight there. Can anyone help?
this bad try running it as iso
About Chrono Cross, that part of the history should go that way, so just continue playing there is no problem.

But, I have another problem with this game, when I reach a part of the history in wich a character called Nicky joins my party the emulator has a problem and crash, i had that problem in another part of the game, but i could avoid do that, but no the first event; please help me, what can i do?
I don't know if you saw the date of the last post (August 7th, 2001)...
anyway I'm assuming that you are playing the game with AdriPSX, that is not recommended because you are not able to change disks, so instead play the game on ePSXe (1.5.2 not 1.6.0).
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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