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A bug in EmuForums.

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Look at the attachment.
The private messages shouldn't be duplicated!
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indeed im seeing this as well, but nothing else looks out of place.
Noticed already, the second bit is the correct updated one, the earlier just wasnt removed yet. When you have multiple notifications, the second one displays all types of them.
kindda off-topic, but I see Quick Links now filled with 3 more options, -although were
existed before, but with empty sentences-

Edit: Also it's kindda stupid when changing status of birth date (show or hide) it has this sentence..
Please contact the Administrator if your date of birth has changed.
I changed the template to what I believe it should be... so no more dupe PMs link....
It's fixed, thanks. :thumb:
good job chrono :D
Ehm... this thread should be closed, true? Because you closed the Bubbafat one and mine no. Thanks anyways.
Ehm... this thread should be closed, true? Because you closed the Bubbafat one and mine no. Thanks anyways.
Normally threads die by themselves.... but obviously if people continue posting like you they won't... ;)

When you have unread notifications, its still there, btw.
You can check by sending yourself a PM.

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hmmm? when you ahve unread PMs, it'll have the PM link and the notification link.... not two pm links?

at least, it seems to be working "as designed".... once that PM is read the notification link disappears...
:p you removed the wrong instance.

the line of code, outside of the one containing the js file was the one you should've removed :p
say what? i removed the useless else statement that would dupe the PM link.
anyway, heading back to my hotel. If someone can point me to a vB doc or anything that says what the normal behavior should be than i'll be glad to change it XD

the way I see it now looks fine lol
lol, default behavior is for the Private Messages link to only be visible while there are no notifications, once there are, the link turns into the Notifications menu.
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh will get that fixed then :p

edit: this should do it
oh.. yeah.. good point :p
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