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I have been surfing fpsbanana today, a popular mod site for counter striker modders and texture skinning. About midway in, a virus by the name of w32.brontok got my comp restarted.

The other time the same thing happened when I was going to a flashsite via Newgrounds, I believe it was (political satire and parody site). and got another one.

I think I have fixed the bugs so far but, my main concern is how come worms are breaking through even while I was using firefox? So far its just those two sites. I have alot of "windows remote services and remote control related services" disabled even as par network security tips.

I heard fpsbanana is listed as an "attack site" but is there a way to safely surf through such sites without worms breaking through? Once again, this happened while I am using firefox.

Am I still missing a critical "safe surf" step? I'd enable firewall but it block p2p uploading giving me lowid or errors like uploading port blocked or something.

Is there a way to prevent these worms? (once again this is a rare situation where it went through my firefox)
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