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Well , Tommorow is my birthday . I thought of making something special to celebrate it with you guys .
So I'm writing a small story about my birthday held with you all (or at least as much as i can put from you ;) )

Most importantly , NGFight game and this story are based on the same environment . And basicly this story is before NGFight events .

I'll be posting parts of the stroy from time to time .
And don't feel sad if you don't find yourself there , I can't put thoushands of characters ya know :) .

Another thing , some of you might be in some stupid situations so don't get mad with me :D . It's not offending it's a little funny fantasy :)

Enjoy .

****************************SCENE 1
Kirby : NGEmu TV presents exclusively live the details of Cloudvii's
19th birthday ^_^
Kirby is there holding the mic and have already made rolls of it's wire around his neck and giving the camera the biggest smile you can get from any announcer .
Boltzmann and Proto are talking quietly .
Boltzmann : Kirby looks hillarious like that :p
Proto : Yeah ;) . I wonder what will he do when the cake arrives ?
Boltzmann : He'll probably leave the mic and dive in to the cake :p lol .
Proto : Lol yeah . We better get a photo of him with his mouth full of cream ;P .
A big ballon face appears between them suddenly .
Kirby : I heard ya both , you think you were funny ?!!! :angry:
Boltz : Gulp !!
Proto : Err , no we were just joking :innocent: . Peace pal !^_^
Kirby : Mouth full of cream huh ? What about mouth full of your blood ?
Kirby Shows his doggy teeth .
Proto and Boltz : NOOOOO .
They run away trying to save their lives to the nearest corridor and Kirby is just behind them .

*Kirby : One of the funniest NGEmu citizens , known for his hentai great collection . Cute and Funny .

*Boltzmann : Man of science . He only belives in what he can see , hear or smell .

*Proto : Nutter . That's the best in him really :p .

****************************SCENE 2

Toriyama and Popuri sitting on one of many tables near the stage .
Tori : Damn , Too much time wasted , I should've been in home playing Star Ocean .
Pop : Oh , Tori . Can't you just enjoy yourself a bit without thinking of that game once ? :angry:
Tori : Umm , after some thinking I've changed my mind .
Tori stares at a point above Popuri's hair .
Pop blushes .
Pop : Oh , you've noticed my new haircut ? :love:
Toriyama keeps staring .
Tori : How can I help you ma'am :) ?
Pop : Come on . You don't have to be formal ;) .
Mary : Oh , thx :) . Can you show me where Samor is ?
Pop looks back , and realises that Tori wasn't even looking at her .
Tori : He's siting at the admins corners , I guess . Do you want me to take you there ? :D
Pop : :angry: No way , you are'nt gonna leave this place .
Mary : Well , thank's you've already helped much .
Mary leaves .
Popuri gives Toriyama an angry look .
Tori : Hey , don't get angry . You are the one who wanted me to enjoy myself a bit :D
Pop : In this case , I prefer you shutup till the end of the party .
She looks the other side , just to see Tori's head going to that other side .
Tori : Ok , I'll do if that makes you happy ;)

*Toriyama : A good artist , lover and friend . Plus he's the best at making jokes .

*Popuri : Tori's GF and his rival at drawing . Cute gothic girl .

*Mary : A strange pretty girl who have some connection to tomatoes :p .

****************************SCENE 3

Cid : Haaaaaooooom . What time is it ?
Cid wakes up with some mucus sneaking out of his nose .
Takmadeus : Waah man . Don't get near my suit with your nose .
Cid looks around to find that there are many NGEmu ppl around sitting in different tables . Then he looks at that mirror hanged on the wall beside him .
Cid : !!!!! When did I wear this ? Where am I ?
Then he looks to Tak .
Cid : What have you done ?
Tak : Shht . Don't talk like this , ppl would think I've kidnapped you . Remember , Cloudvii's Bday and the party . Last night , you were drinking and ya know .
Cid : Yes , I was drinking , that was very good . But hey , you haven't answered my question .
Tak : What question ?!
Cid : What time is it ? :p

*Cid : Sporty , cool and friendly . Considered to be NGEmu's
relationships guru .

*Takmadeus : Kind and wise . Seeks gathering of old maggots again .

****************************SCENE 4

A dark long corridor .
Alundra : It's too dark here . Do you have a lighter ?
Blueshogun : No , but I think we can find our way here .
Two red light circles appear suddenly .
Alundra : Is that healthy ?
Blue : No idea , maybe if it was white it'd be healthier .
Then the long way is lit with candles . The two red eyes return yellow .
Dark Watcher : We felt you coming .
Alundra : I surrender , it was Kane . I never wanted to disturb you .
Blue : Alundra , stand up from the floor .
Alundra finds that he fell of surprise on the floor . He stands up and cleans his trousers .
DW : Consider yourselves have delivered Kane's message .
Blue : Will you come then ?
DW : No time for celebration , I feel danger coming . Return .
Alundra : I think he's right we must return .
Alundra is pushing Blue to follow him to outside . And so they are leaving .
DW : But deliver NGEmu my wishes .
The lit candles shut , and the coridor returns dark .

*Alundra : A martial arts fan . Loves adventures and always looks for new challenges .

*Blueshogun : Mysterious new NGEmu resident . Only future will show .

*Dark Watcher : Feared by many , DW lives in his dark palace alone . As much as feared he's kind and helps others secretly . Rumors say that there are many clones of him .

****************************SCENE 5

Zapages : See , it's easy try it .
Hushypushy : Are you sure it is ?
Hushy looks at Zapages standing at the balcony , then he looks at where he's standing on the tree .
Hushy : No way I'm gonna do this .
Zapages : You can , just don't look down .
Raiden : I told you to leave him down to inform us if some one comes . The ninja guy is looking at the clock hanged on the wall , standing in the room with the balcony .
Zapages : Damn , time is short . Hushy I'm afraid we'll leave you here on your own . Sorry , but we'll meet again in step B .
The Ninja and adventurer run into the room leaving Hushy on the tree .
Hushy : But guys , How can I get down ?

*Zapages : A great adventurer and treasure hunter . The best of his kind .

*Hushypushy : Funny and loved my many . Part of the new friends clan .

*Raiden : The ninja has a mysterious past , great skill but is the most talkative ninja you'll ever meet .

****************************SCENE 6

Cooliscool :

The Hunter
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Hehe, this seems to be even better that I expected it to be! :thumb:

I really enjoyed reading this :D

Knowledge is the solution
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/me goes out to buy a voodoo doll of cloudvii

You say it's your birthday tomorrow? Then you better watch your step today, nobody wants you to die... or is there? :evil:

.... and no, don't expect me to send you a card after this :p

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uff =_= ... (fortunatly you only wrote five scenes... but i added samor)
really sorry for the bad quality (but i hadn't a lot of time)
sorry that raiden and alundra are stickmans (no usefull avatar) and i didn't know how to draw Takmadeus and Boltzmann right ^^'''
hm hopefully everybody can find themself >.<

but here is you b-day uhm... scribble ^^'
Happy birthday! *cuddle* :3

btw: size too big? T_T sry... x_x

The Hunter
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That drawing of you is funny, to say the least :lol:

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of course I want the cake :evil:

cloudvii: you have created one thread I (and everyone else) will remember for a long time. I gracefully wish you a happy birthday :)

*for a sec I almost typed merry christmas* :p

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Heh, quite good and rich description (at last for me), Cloudvii . Happy birthday boy! (and thx for voting me to be officially nut) ;)

The Hunter
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Disclaimer: I'm not a drunk, I just like a beer every once in a while :)

(just felt the need to add this to adjust the image slightly ;))

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Hahah, lol i just cracked my self up. Veru funny. You should change your sig cloudvii ;)

Oh and Happybirthday! :thumb:

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Here are the rest I've wrote . It's not over yet (I think it's begining to be so long to be a small story :p )

Btw , I wanted to add some of my RL friends , that won't happen much , and ofcourse they won't appear in NGFight .

Last time we stopped at scene 6 .

****************************SCENE 6

Cooliscool : Aaah , If he once arrives in time :( .
Elly : Well , he'll sure arrive . Or we'll must start without him .
Cool : I told ya he won't come in time .
Elly : Well , then we can go now without him and kick him later :evil: .
Cool : Sounds nice to me . :evil:
They are about to go when ....
Maza : Hey , wait for me .
Elly whispers to himself .
Elly : Damn , I was going to have fun kicking him :(
Maza : Hff Wizz . That was hard but I made it .
Cool : Nice , so where is it ?
Maza : Don't tell me you didn't notice it , why do you think I was late ? I took forever moving this to here .
Elly and Cool notice the very large covered object behind Maza .
Elly : How can we get that into the villa ?
Cool : I don't know , but I have a brilliant idea :evil:
Elly : I think I know it .
They both look towards Maza and exchange a very evil smile with each other .
Maza : What ? Why are you looking to me like ? :)

*Cooliscool : As his name tells , he's cool .

*Elly : NGEmu's only evil adminstrator . Yet he has his kind half but burried under rules mask .

*Maza : A helpful guy , who likes black metal .

****************************SCENE 7

Syed Fawad : Two hours already and the party hasn't started yet .
Strider : Yeah boring :( .
Fawad : Proud Beyond hope clan members shouldn't wait like that .
Strider : Yeah , and what's that place they've given us ? First row , but we are not alone , admins corner is on the same row .
Fawad : If I put my hand on the party Planner :angry:
Kaiser Sigma : Hey , Why complaining ? You wanted a special place for ya :sarcastic:
Strider : Yes of course .
Kaiser : Well , you wouldn't have got that place if I wasn't in BH clan .
Fawad stands up .
Fawad : You bet ? :angry:
Kaiser : Whatever ?
Kaiser leaves and a cold impression strikes the gang .

*Syed Fawad : Agrresive , but also kind . Proud of being a Beyond hoper .

*Strider : Brave , independant . Has his own way .

*Kaiser Sigma : Arrogant and likes appearing . Many believe he's hiding his true self .

****************************SCENE 8

An arcade
Arcade Machine : Final Round . Fight .
Tiger-1 : See , you couldn't read my move :p .
cloudvii : Was busy pulling out my 16 hit combo on you .
Tiger-1 : Time to settle this out .
cloudvii : The best wins .
They both pullout their super specials .
Arcade machine : Draw Game .
cloudvii : Damn , that was close .
Suddenly a guy rushes in .
Dante Yagami : What the ? You were here all that time ? We were waiting for two hours :angry:
cloudvii : But it's still one hout to go .
He looks towards the clock hanged on the wall pointing at 7 O'clock .
Tiger-1 : I think that clock has stopped . It's reading 7 O'clock since 20 matches .
cloudvii : Oh oh :p
Dante : Then we must hurry . Are you coming Tiger ?
Tiger-1 : No thank's . But cloudvii , we are going to finish our challenge later ;)

*Tiger-1 (Guest) : cloudvii's rival in fighting games and Mohaa . He isn't living at NGEmu , but he visits cloudvii from time to time .

*Dante Yagami : cloudvii's best friend and a new NGEmu resident . Seeks proving his self .

****************************SCENE 9

Mary : Gotcha :)
Samor looks back to find mary smiling to him .
Samor : Oh , so you finally came ;) . I have reserved you a place at the fems table .
Mary : Fems table ? I thought I'll sit with you !
Samor : In the admins corner ? No way . Sorry , I can't do that .
Player X approaches .
Player X : Mr.Samor , They need you .
Samor : I have to go now Mary . Responsibility :(
Samor leaves .
Mary : Grrr , I won't let him get away with this .

*Samor : One of NGEmu's oldest admins , and the kindest . A talented artist and cares for cars .

*Player X : A faithful friend , works alone most of the time .

Emunext fanboy
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Didn't want to double post , but if i edit the last post , ppl would thought there are no new posts and don't open the thread (over 30 views between this and the last post , means 30 users thinking no new posts)

****************************SCENE 10

Fems table .
Kidd : He did that to you ?
Aeris : Shame on him .
Lady : Men never change . They just think we are their toys .
Mary : That was so embarresing . I must get revenge .
Aeris : I think we can help you there :evil:
Females unite .

*Kidd : Cool and smart . You can count on her really .

*Aeris : Outgoing girl , dislikes formals and chaining rules .

*Lady : The wisest of fems and oldest resident at NGEmu .

****************************SCENE 11

Hushy is still stuck on the tree , when metalmurphy is entering Bobbi's villa where the party is held .
Hushy : Hey , Metal . Pss Psss .
Metalmurphy looks around , finds nothing and continues walking .
Hushy : Metal , don't leave me here . HELP MEEEEEE .
CPUMaster : Your invitation plz :) .
Metal : Here ya go .
Cpu : All good , you can enter ;) .
Hushy : Metaaaaal you fool , come back .
Metal : Are you hearing something ?
Cpu : Nope :) .
Metal : Then I think , It's the wind . Cya later inside .
Cpu : I think you are the last , I'm going to enter with you now :D
They both leave the main door and enter the place . Leaving Poor hushy behind .

*Metalmurphy : Very entertaining and likes helping ppl .

*CpuMaster : Cares much for his responsibilities .

****************************SCENE 12

Kirby : Record this camera man .
Kirby has cornered Boltz and Proto .
Proto : Man , we were joking .
Boltz : Don't get near us plz .
Kirby : Mwahaha :evil: . Too late my friends .
The door next to them crushes suddenly . And a huge covered object appear .
Maza : Hff wizz Pfft . Finally I made it through the door .
Elly : Nice job , Maza . Now you have to put it behind the stage .
Maza : No way , I'm gonna move one more step with that thing .
Cool : Too bad . Now we must find a way to do it .
Comes from no where .
Katsuya : So you need me at last , NGEmu's only and best detective .
Katsuya seems too confident .
Elly : Cool , then find a way to solve this . Maybe then Maza can have a small rest .
Maza : Rest ? Yes , that's what I want :D
Katsuya : I think I know how to make it . But Maza , we'll need you again :D
Maza : Not again :(
Meanwhile watching them in the dark
Kirby : Interesting , I think I've found the secret surprise they were planing ^_^ . Record that instead .
Proto : Umm , that's our chance Boltz . Let's go .
About to go they get 2 successive punches to their noses .
Kirby : Quiet , the last thing I need now is you both making noise .
Boltzman whispers to Proto .
Boltz : I think , he's the only one here making noise ;)
Kirby : I heard that :angry:

*Katsuya : Having many feelings in his heart , he is the smartest in NGEmu and in no time became it's only detective . He is loved by every one .

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What happened to Syed Fawad's wrestling fanboyism :p

The Rock :D

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Happy BirthDay!!
how about putting me in the scene: kick ass jewish person kicks the living **** out off Elly after we descusse the corrent situation in israel.. and then kaiser shows up ..
you take it from here :)
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