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A Announcement Mods Should Make

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Make a Announcement to post your config b4 u post.... or add it to your sig or something
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i believe that the rules post is eassily accessible, since its at the top of the general forum. if you have difficulty spotting it or just ignored it, its not anyone elses fault.
even if we did put links all over the board, which the announcement is, would anyone be more likely to read it? its hard to say..

my personal stance on posting your specs before every question or in your sig, is that it kind of gets annoying. i dont like looking at long sigs, like squall's for instance. and yes, it would be nice if people did post relevant specs before asking the question but noone really tries
i dont think we can add a new section, but that is a pretty good idea..
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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