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A Announcement Mods Should Make

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Make a Announcement to post your config b4 u post.... or add it to your sig or something
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rules? what rules? I dont see no rules here...
seriously. I didnt read them, until I read this thread. And then I had to read the announcement
Announcement: "No Tolerance" Policy in Effect

which I havent read because I thought it was all about "dont ask for bios"
and it's only there you can find an url (which isnt *linked*) to the post which stated the whole set of rules.
really, you're not making it very easy to notice the rules, let alone reading them.

you could make a rules page and put a link to it on every page in the forum. especially on the posting form.
Hey, why don't you make a section in the user profile for it?

maybe I'll put it in my Interest section for now.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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