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87-year old beats up an armed 30 year old home intruder!

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AN 87-year-old man who beat off an intruder with his shoe says he'll be ready if his attacker ever returns to his home.
"If he comes back, I'll do him up. I'll be ready for him next time," he said.
"I didn't expect anybody to come in wanting to do me up, did I?
"I'll fix him up if he comes in, I'll use my fists on him next time, I'm pretty handy."
The attacker struck Mr Oswin several times on the head and right arm before Mr Oswin hit back with his shoe.
"I took the bloody shoe off and thumped him," Mr Oswin said.
"I probably broke his nose and broke his teeth and he fell over.
"By this time he got up and I thumped him again. He ran out the door and he said 'I'll get you, I'll come back to get you'.,10117,15610975-13762,00.html
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YEAH!!! You go gramps!!! that we think about it...Thats one hell of a shoe!
Good thing MaMa Watcher didn't posses such shoes when we were a young wipper snapper. She could strike a moving target from over 300 meters. There was no way you could Matrix dodge / Bullet time those flying shoes!
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