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7z for ePSXe 170

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The short version: IS ePSXe capable of opening "7z" archives?
I've searched the web a lot for a game...Medal of Honor,any of the PS1 editions.
Finally I found.Do not ask...But when I started to download it i realized that it is 7z.And I've never even bothered trying to open a 7z with ePSXe.
If anyone knows something PLS help this poor guy :thumb:
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piracy is not allowed here.. please modify your post..

ePSXe wont accept 7zip archives, you can nevertheless use ISZ and mount them using
Daemon tools, or powerIso. or you can use Gzip compressed images if you use certain
CD plugins..

Welcome to emuforums BTW :)
no support for warez is given here, read the rules please.

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