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6800 infos

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Ok, I gave up on buying a 6600GT, and decided to wait more for a 6800 AGP (plain).

Now I have few things I need to know:

-first, the card dimensions. Right now I have my 9800, it fits ok in the case
but I'm not sure if the 6800 will, I heard it's quite big, or maybe it was for the Ultra (not mentionnig the double slot for the fan)

-then, I have a quality 300w PSU (Seventeam ST-300BLP), BUT, I have lots of devices:
2 DVD/CD burners
4 USB devices (Pad, scanner, M518, Modem)
1 Flatron F700B monitor (17")
1 PCI and 1 onboard sound cards

So... is it lots bigger than 9800 pro?
Will I be able to play games without buying a new PSU?
........ even be able to run windows without crashing until I get a more powerful one (PSU)?

Are the locked pipelines actually supposed to be bugged? Or NVidia just knew we'd unlock them so they adjusted the price to them?

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Minimum PSU for 6800 cards is 350W, but with that amount of devices, get 400W or better. Antecs are probaply best choice since they are stable AND very silent, since they have big fan on bottom sucking air from case instead small screaming fanny running 100000rpm on back. They are again quite costlier. It seems that my cheapy COLORS-IT 400W is source of instability for me... I dunno, i have to test it...
Thx, what's the average price for those?
Quick search on Newegg:

Silent 480W

Most likely not so silent 400W. Not sure, since there ARE silent small fans also.

There was other brand also that made quality PSU's, but i forgot who it was... Eme-something...
o_O at this price I wont be able to install the GC for the next 10 years...
anything cheaper but not too crappy? :p

Hmmm, I forgot it was $, not €, 55$ is like 40-45€ but I'll have to buy another when the nextgen cards will come... grrrrr! No?
If you buy 480-500W, im 100% sure you dont have to cuz there is gotta be limit how much they want their products to consume power, UNLESS they scrap whole ATX system and old PSU's arent supported by new ones. :lol:

45€ for QUALITY PSU is quite a cheap. Mine costed about 25€ and it seems to be very unstable.

*EDIT* HEY!!! Interesting article reviews here:
htx, i'll take a look at it later
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