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6600gt vs. 6800

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quick question
do I get the 6600gt from a reputable company, or get the cheap 6800 from a not so reputabl company

here are the choices 6800 and 6600gt respectively
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get the 6800. i love my 6800, it's a great card. plus you can unlock the extra pipelines (i did) to squeeze some more speed out of it :evil:
XxCrashxX said:
how much can you oc/unlock the 6800 safely?
just curious...
i unlocked it to full 16 pipes (GT core) and i run quite safely with stock cooling at 380/800 (this is moderate...i know i can go higher) from 325/700.
its not possible with the 6600GT because it has no pipelines to unlock. its possible with the 6800nu because it has 12 pipelines enabled (unlike the 6800GT's 16). i just used rivatuner to unlock it.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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