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5th Apollo status update

It seems some emu authors never sleep - one of them is Azimer, who updated the <a href="" TARGET="_blank">Apollo dev page</a> again today, for the 5th time within 8 days. And again, he made some great progress, but see for yourself :<ul><a href="/n64/pics/apollo_yoshi.jpg" TARGET="_blank"><img src="/n64/pics/apollo_yoshi_s.jpg" BORDER=0 hspace="5" align="left"></a>(...) I am pleased to say most of my rom collecting is being emulated. A few key roms which fail are Conker, Banjo Tooie, Indiana Jones, and Mario Party (I think MP is a bad dump). I fixed the problem I had with F-Zero X. I learned this rom had a provision to use the N64DD but this was never released. (obviously). This caused problems for emulating the 8MB Expansion Pak. I inserted a hack to make Yoshi Story work. You can see a screen shot of it here (of course, it's the screen to your upper left). The ingame graphics are not present. Neither are the menu graphics. :) I still need to reverse the game and find why I need the hack in the first place. (...)

Now for Apollo's future? I am starting to work slowly on a Dynarec. I considered having RatTrap make a release soon, but the interpretive isn't worth the time to make it releasable. It's WAY too slow on my 1.4Ghz machine. This is likely my last devlog update until something major happens like Conker or Tooie work. ciao.</ul>Some people may wonder what's so bad about hacks ... well, hacks are normally used to get around a bug in the emulation code, which means that the actual error still remains in the code, although the game runs - but anyone programming something with more than 10 lines of code knows how annoying it can be to find a bug in there.
Anyway, glad to see Azimer considers doing a release again ! You can find the complete status update over at the <a href="" TARGET="_blank">Apollo homepage</A>.
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