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Just tried 5849 compiled samples (xray and dolphin) but got neither to work.
As in one other thread mentioned a black console window pops up and then disappears directly. The Kernel trace shows the following:
Emu (0xAC4): Debug console allocated (DM_FILE).
Emu (0xAC4): Debug Trace Enabled.
Emu (0xAC4): EmuInit
   pTLSData            : 0x00066CDC
   pTLS                : 0x00066CC4
   pLibraryVersion     : 0x00066C64
   DebugConsole        : 0x00000002
   DebugFilename       : "I:\Downloads\Cxbx-0.7.8c-Trace\Cxbx-0.7.8c-Trace\KrnlDebug.txt"
   pXBEHeader          : 0x00065B60
   pXBEHeaderSize      : 0x00001000
   Entry               : 0x0001D1DA
Emu (0xAC4): Detected Microsoft XDK application...
Emu (0xAC4): Beginning HLE Pass 0...
Emu (0xAC4): Locating HLE Information for XAPILIB 1.0.5849...Skipped
Emu (0xAC4): Locating HLE Information for D3D8 1.0.5849...Skipped
Emu (0xAC4): Locating HLE Information for D3DX8 1.0.5849...Redundant
Emu (0xAC4): Locating HLE Information for XGRAPHC 1.0.5849...Skipped
Emu (0xAC4): Locating HLE Information for XBOXKRNL 1.0.5849...Skipped
Emu (0xAC4): Locating HLE Information for LIBC 1.0.5849...Skipped
Emu (0xAC4): Resolved 0 cross reference(s)
EmuFS (0xAC4): TLS Data Dump... 
  0x00895678: 00000000
EmuFS (0xAC4): OrgFS=59 NewFS=15 pTLS=0x00066CC4
Emu (0xAC4): Initializing Direct3D.
EmuD3D8 (0xDF8): Timing thread is running.
EmuD3D8 (0xB60): CreateDevice proxy thread is running.
EmuD3D8 (0x164): Message-Pump thread is running.
EmuD3D8 (0xAC4): EmuIDirect3D8_CreateDevice
   Adapter                   : 0x00000000
   DeviceType                : 0x00000001
   hFocusWindow              : 0x00000000
   BehaviorFlags             : 0x00000040
   pPresentationParameters   : 0x0019FCC0
   ppReturnedDeviceInterface : 0x10028D48
EmuD3D8 (0xB60): CreateDevice proxy thread recieved request.
EmuD3D8 (0xB60): Using hardware vertex processing
Emu (0xAC4): Initial thread starting.
EmuKrnl (0xAC4): PsCreateSystemThreadEx
   ThreadHandle        : 0x0019FCF8
   ThreadExtraSize     : 0x00000000
   KernelStackSize     : 0x00000000
   TlsDataSize         : 0x00000014
   ThreadId            : 0x00000000
   StartContext1       : 0x0001D166
   StartContext2       : 0x00000000
   CreateSuspended     : 0x00000000
   DebugStack          : 0x00000000
   StartRoutine        : 0x0001E3DD
EmuKrnl (0xAC4): NtClose
   Handle              : 0x00000140
Emu (0xAC4): Initial thread ended.

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mmmm i got the same strange stuff. also reported yesterday..

i asume you run cxbx into you Visual studio enviroment.
yust make a complete build then compile the exe file. and run the exe directly from your Bin directorie.

now the directx display won`t dissapeer and a normal error will be displayed, and logging wil be completed..

for the demo`s, dunno if they work. think most stuff for this xdk isn`t ready yet.

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It's the compiled version from caustik's page.
Thought the samples would run due to the screenshots (xray is mentioned there).
Didn't one say the older xdk compilation could cause problems and not the latest one ?

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Zomby is right about the support for 5849. Late last night I did discover that the mesh demo (in the tutorial section) does emulate without a problem.
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