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Which time period did you like the most?

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My best years were between 1990-1996. Great days !!!!!!!
YES! That was my PRIME! Sorta...But yes, those were THE best years ever. I want them back:cry:

lazy shmupper
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You made me want to tell more about the 80's Demi Fiend, so:

I was born in 79 and it's funny how much memories I have of the 80's.

For instance I clearly remember that, even as a kid, I already couldn't stand the pop music and fashion of the moment. Almost only punk music and style had my approbation. Why ? Because I was totally influenced by my older brother, and glad I was. :D

I remember my first Pong clone (stole it to my bastard cousin :evil:) later a portable Pac Man with a flashing blue display that killed my eyes, then the fun with Centipede on my friends's Atari 2600, and my first times to the arcades with my punk brother who let me bash the buttons of the shiny new -already with cigarette burns- cabinets.

Lots of TV stuff in my memories too, excellent kids shows and animes/cartoons, the VIPs and celebrities of the time, the (good) president, my first movies at the local theatre (Snow White lol) and my first horror one on tv: Poltergeist, sincerely, I was 5, t'was a big shock :dead:

Some memories of holidays at the sea/mountain.
Lots of memories of winters at the hospital (I was quite weak as a kid).
The river and cherry tree field (I had my 'fortress' built in the biggest one) the horses.
The neighbourgh's naughty dog I almost killed.

And my first GF, quite a tomboy but cute...and horny. :drool:
61 - 80 of 110 Posts
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