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42" LCD Widescreen TV as Monitor......

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Well, Cid suggested it so here goes....(not the TV, the thread)

I'm getting a new monitor for my Super Build and I want it to be as BIG as possible because using this Trinitron as my monitor I have goten used to Big Icons...and I like the size of it.....Very easy on the eyes... (at least to me)

I had this TV in mind and was wondering whether any of you users have personal experience with this TV and can shed some light on it....

And Furthurmore is it a strain on your vision - not that I wanna know....

Would I be throwing my moneyt awway here? or is this a solid purchase..

Thanks mate....

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gameman, get yourself a friggin dell, benq, samsung, viewsonic, anything, just not a tv.
Gman mate 4 the first time believe me i have bravia engine 2 the quality is too bad to be called moniter
Yes, that is correct. Save your eyes gameman
Well lemme think about it.... I just haven't seen anything in PC FLAVOUR that's big enough to do the job.....Not without being 1600.00 minimum like at Dell and HP....

Yes, that is correct. Save your eyes gameman
No one EVER went blind from looking at something that was big....

Just maybe a slight vision degrade.....:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
..........Gameman, a 2560-1600 panel can bee had for $650
what is it??? 24"?????
If u dont worry about ur eyes worry about the money which is 100% wasted
let him do what ever he wants to he will regret it on his own later
Just relax people....I might surprise you.....:D:D:D
OK :p. Get yourself a nice 24 inch
OK :p. Get yourself a nice 24 inch
Yeah, it'll sTILL be like 600-700 won't it/????

what's the catch here/???? rsolution????
NO. A nice 24 inch wil cost you 400 or less. With a higher resolution then your a 1080p tv
Yeah, it'll sTILL be like 600-700 won't it/????

what's the catch here/???? rsolution????
yeah resolution si the thing we are talking about

if you plug in your tv to your rig<42" T.V> that is then pictures will look just better than what nes games look like when played in 1280*800
Well apart from having a better resolution/picture quality with a monitor you will also be spared from headaches(which develops after a time after of course you start having problems with the eyes and no it isnt instant it could take arround 2-6 months or even a more but at a point it will be pressent).
24" monitor is good for those who can afford it
They are pretty affordable these days
but not for me they cost a lot here and a 22" is good enough for me
22" is GOOD ENOUGH?????

Mate, that's Huge!!!!!! Not of course as big as 42", but it is huge...

(you know for those who prefer pc monitors that is).....

Besides, everything seems to be HDMI nowadays on the label.....
Actually 22" is merely the norm for most people these days.
Well, i'm just saying that next to my 15" Dell it's big.....
1081 - 1100 of 1121 Posts
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