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· There is always hope, but you have to supply it.
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Yo gameman, this morning I woke up and decided I needed a 42" tv to use for an output from a laptop etc.

So I spent 5 minutes, picked one at a price I was willing to pay that had the features I needed. I bought it and went outside to get on with my life.

Took me very little thought and I still made a great choice.
Your time investment is poor.
One must value himself in a low status if he overplans small decisions.

Go out to a store, look at some tv's. Look at the feature set. Ask the assistant if he can wing you a discount.
Then buy it.

Thank me later.

· There is always hope, but you have to supply it.
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I did, he said 699.99 cause it was the floor model...

I'm just holding out for a better deal, cause frankly that HDTV was crapola in a box.... I want a better brand, which is why this is taking so long....

Yeah I know I made a lot of posts today - probabaly a record number, but I wasn';'t doing anythingelse anyway....

Call it my St. Paddies Day Surprise...


Now, back on topic here.....which TV????????

The 720p or the 1080p??????

Don't worry, we're almost done here.....

edit:HAH!!! Got me a new piece of hardware today,,and I didn't have to spend a cent.....

Now that's value.....

Brands mean jack **** when it comes to displays.
Display quality, features, a preview viewing and the case styling are all that matters

If a tv qualifies for you in all 4 then it's perfectly viable.
Doesn't matter if it's a viewsonic or a samsung lol

· There is always hope, but you have to supply it.
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There's nothing "spoiled" about it.... I'm a fully grown adult and am making a conscious decision here.... And I think an intelligent one....
You think wrong. Wasting such effort on indecisiveness is a disaster to your life.

You could have bought a TV and had weeks of usage on it by now.
The time you spent here in this thread would be enough to repaint your house or do anything else actually productive.

You could have sat down and planned what you really want to do with your life.
I mean really PLAN. Write a few dozen books about yourself and what things really matter to you.

I can see you sitting in your old age wishing you didn't spend as much time deciding which way to wipe your ass and more time actually doing something,
anything other than being so freaking indecisive.

It's a tv, you're going to be buying another one in 5 years or so, then again ...and again.

Does it really ****ing ultimately matter?

It's a TV, just a ****ing TV. In the time it took you to get this far I bought 4 of the ****ers and earned enough money to buy another 20.

Grow some balls and learn to think for yourself. NO EXCUSES.
Don't give us the you wanted advice to make an informed decision BULL****.


This is tough love, seriously stop stagnating and do things that excite you, move you, help you grow emotionally

· There is always hope, but you have to supply it.
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OK....On that note I think I'd better go now......

I'll come back later when things cool down.....

Only if it's going to the shop to get a tv.
I'm not trying to be mean but you really just wasted a portion of your life mulling over some really insignificant stuff.

It'll never come back, just learn from it. I wasted 3 years now.
Really researching current technology choices is pointless.

I remember spending like 8 hours researching graphics cards a few years back.
Waste of time, not because I own a way better one now anyway but rather I spend more time reading about them than using them.

What's your self value Gameman?
Every hour what would you charge for your skills?
$50, $100, $1,000?

Realize that when you ass around reading stuff on the internet or google that you're spending this amount to do nothing.

Add up all the indecisive stuff like this over your life and be shocked at the fortune you could have made and the fun you lost out on.

There's nothing wrong with informed research to not make a bad decision,
but even a measly 1 hour on google could give enough to buy a good spec tv in your price range.
Anything more is superflous
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