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42" LCD Widescreen TV as Monitor......

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Well, Cid suggested it so here goes....(not the TV, the thread)

I'm getting a new monitor for my Super Build and I want it to be as BIG as possible because using this Trinitron as my monitor I have goten used to Big Icons...and I like the size of it.....Very easy on the eyes... (at least to me)

I had this TV in mind and was wondering whether any of you users have personal experience with this TV and can shed some light on it....

And Furthurmore is it a strain on your vision - not that I wanna know....

Would I be throwing my moneyt awway here? or is this a solid purchase..

Thanks mate....

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Anything over 30 is to big. If you want that big, remember how friggin heavy some big screens can get
Gameman, if you want bigger and better, if you want to make cotton look like a little girl, get a 30 inch monitor. 2560-1600 resolution. it will runn you 900-1700. The LaCie LED runs $5,000 but that's a whole other story entirely.
Generic hdtvs lol. What is this world coming too?
Spyhop you have a point, definitely. My boss at work has a 40" monitor mounted to the wall as her computer screen. I cant imagine constantly staring up a t a screen like she does. Maybe thats why she always is rubbing her neck.
Gameman, you're a ****ing retard.
Give the man credit for being enthusiastic at least. Seriously though, i place this quote high on my list of "Quotes of the Year"

Im not against you, but the way he said it was hilarious :p
no problem :p
I doubt it. Screens with resolutions over 1920x1200 exist, but they're extremely uncommon.

Common widescreen resolutions for monitors:

Common widescreen resolutions for HDTVs - also monitors for all intents and purposes.

720P/1080i TVs which can include the following native resolutions:

Most 1080p HDTV's resolution is 1920 x 1080.

And 27" -30" panels are 2650 x 1600
Uhh 2880 x 2660 is widescreen? Impossible. Is that even a valid res??
I checked Google, and no results turned up with "2880 x 2660 resolution"

Mofo, you have one rare TV alright.
Its best to run an LCD at native. And anyway, 2880 x 2660 is not a native resolution, nor is it any widescreen format.......16.9 or 16.10. That res you posted is more like a square
There's no way a 3650 can't output that kind of res. Even if it offloads on the cpu, it would start faltering well before the 2650 x 1600 mark
Mud, what is your outlook on EA? *Waits for Wot*

Gameman, get a real monitor
It's loads better then most EA games, so you have to give it some credit
Dude, if your getting a tv, stick with name brand. better tech support
Because he wants to.
what kind of reputation?
grab an 8800 for under a hundred.
A trashy big screen simply lets you see the flaws more easy
Dont let your father encourage you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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