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404 is b4ck! - anybody Miss him? guess Not Huh...

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After some vacation seeing girls :fingers: and stuff... I'm back ;)
whats up, whats going on?

... guess nobody miss me huh ... *sigh*

But anyway... Right Now I'm playing : Max Payne (****in Kick Ass game ever!), Diablo 2: LOD, and some Skies of Arcadia on DC ;)
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Welcome back home dude.
so 404 is no longer 404 then eh? Good hol eh?
Darn it! My feindish plan has been foiled!!
heh heh.. tnx guys, some people did still recognize me :D
Asz - ewwww... :p

did the EFNet back online? and psxemu channel? I miss alot lately.
Well I definitely did not miss you...j/k. Welcome back.

Asz, make the hurting stop.
404? what? who? ... OOOH, THAT guy...
oh god, no, he's back... :D
Wait, what am I saying? Of coarse I missed you, Ultraman Spam is damn tasty.:p
Well the hurting has stopped for a little bit becuase I haven't gotten any new picture to make fun of in a while but maybe this one.
i should kill u for that :mad:
eheh j/k... sorta...
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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