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4-in-1 VIA Drivers

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Hey all...
I have a question about VIA drivers. I was on th epsxe board and someone metioned that VIA 4-in-1 drivers can really help to speed up your system. Is this true? Where do you get them from? Are they like the Det's for a nVidia card? I hope thats not to many questions.
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The 4 in 1 drivers is a set of drivers for motherboards with via chipsets. You can check if you have one of these from device manager.

They include updates for the AGP controller, IDE controller, IRQ routing and INF

They can help proformance slightly. In general it is usually best to have the latest drivers for any hardware.

They are available from:

Oh and in my experience they can really screw up a Win 2K machine so don't install them if this is your OS.
Mostly only the betas fuck with Win2K, but it varies, try reading the forums at VIA Hardware..
>>Oh and in my experience they can really screw up a Win 2K machine so don't install them if this is your OS

i don't think so...i use win2k right now and the 4-in-1 driver help win2k recognise my geforce2 as an agp card instead as pci one
plus i don't notice any problem using it
They work just fine for me... I would recomend installing them on Win2k... It will enable AGP 4x if your mobo can handle it..
FYI, the 4.32 drivers just went final..
Ok I'll check out that new version. Here's hoping I don't have to reinstall windows this time.:mad:
CD's right about the VIA 4 in 1's being unstable in Win 2k... the beta's specifically.

The VIA 4-in-1 drivers do have a bad reputation in Windows 2000.

For example, in windows 2000 try installing newer via 4-in-1 drivers over older versions and after a couple of updates Windows will be quite unstable and prone to BSOD's.

An example of such is the 4.29 driverset which caused nothing but BSOD's on my and a friends computer after we updated.

Just forgot to add something to that,
if you are updating for crying out loud make sure you thoroughly remove all traces of the previous VIA 4-in-1 driverset from your system.

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