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4 FF7 fanatics - Completely new theory

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Well, this is a complete different Final Fantasy VII explanation by John Brittenham. It explores points of the game ppl had never heard of as well as hiden meanings and mithology relations
i find it preety fascinating, altough being a little paranoid (the theory, no me ;) ), i even believe in some thigs written on it.
its simply a must read 4 a real FF fanatic
plz download it and take a look ok?
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so, what did the 13 ppl who downloaded it though.
cmon dudes, check it out, it worthy :)
I'd also noticed the numerology present, but I hadn't really given it any more thought. I'm glad to see I wasn't the only one though. I'm a bit surprised, however, as the rather distinct Oedipal nature of Sephiroth and Jenova's relationship wasn't mentioned. I was glad to have read that though, as I hadn't realized the role that Gast had played. Thanks for posting that, Neojag.
no problem :)
but i dont believe in everything written here, some things are a little bit forced.
I thought some of the maths was forced too, eg. 'There are 241 species of monsters spread through- out this game (not counting the final battle). Multiply 2x4 and then add 1 and you will get 9', but I was not too sure about the link between Cait Sith and Reeve. But there definately seems to be a lot of 3's involved in the game. I was not aware of the mythological roots either. I did like the bit about the Play in Gold Saucer and it's tie-in with the main story. I thought it was a good read nevertheless.
yes, entertaining and educative ;)
Sh*t!!! This is to big!!! Do I really have to read it all!!!??? :p
Neojag!! Check out the wallpaper that I posted!!!
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