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We had to close due to a person or persons who have nothing better to do then launch DDoS attacks at us. Our host dropped us like a bad habit. As of now we took 3DC offline and are working on a new revision. We have a possible new host in the works and hopefully that turns out very well.

3DChipset is not leaving. This can happen to anyone. It is amazing to know that running a small script can crush a website.

If the hacker or hackers have enough balls to contact us and be real men or ladies depending on their life style ;) can explain to us why? [email protected].

We should be back up in running at the end of next month early August. But until then. I suggest changing your bookmarks for the mean time to Gamers-Ammo or until we resurface again.

Staff at 3DC
DAMN! another one bites the dust! The Internet today isnt as fun (and safe) as it was used to be...

to Trunks213 :
My Fav and i think the Best site outthere is :
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