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3D stereographic glass / Disney 3D

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So I just went to see chicken little with the family yesterday. It actually was better than I had first expected. But what really amazed me was how good the 3D was. It used the new Disney 3D with glasses to project the image off the screen. I was wondering how a similiar thing could be produced with say a 3D rendering program or if even emulators such as 1964 could implement this feature or just a directx mod to do this. Since you get to keep the glasses this would be awesome for 3D gaming.
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Didnt exactly understand what you meant, but this is what i can say about PC 3d stereo.

There are plenty of 3D glasses for computer. They do not require support from emulator as long as it has Z-buffer (so PSX wont show 3D. You can only push or pull image inside or outside of screen but it will still be just 2d screen. Support for PC games isnt 100% either since some cause heavy problems to graphics). Most common are shutter glasses but they require atleast 120hz in some resolution (cuz it divides it to each eye, 60hz for this example) so it wont give you a headache. They also cause ghost images though. But believe me, Ocarina Of Time looks totally marvelous as do other 3d N64 games. :heh: Headmounted 3d stereo displays with real LCD monitors for each eye cost like hell though, but it wont have ghosting of any kind, though resolution is limited mostly.

Nvidia card required though since ATI drivers totally suck. (Cuz there are only 3rd party ones. ATI does not support 3d stereo directly from drivers like NVidia does.)
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Ya i understand what your talking about but I didnt want to have to buy a special pair of shutter glasses. I was hoping just to use the glasses that came form the movie. found out they aare polarized “passive glasses” which is not your standard 1980s 3d glasses. Much more advanced and produce a clearer image. I was hoping for like say a driver you install which makes your normal computer screen act like the movie screen but that may not be possible.

edit: tryign the drivers you were talkign about but none of them seem to use the chicken-little glasses. Maybe ill go out and buy a pair of shutter glasses.
There should be some 3rd party drivers for polarised 3d glasses IIRC. However, compared to shutters and those classic red&blues polarised ones have some limits in 3d effect IIRC. Shutters are dirt-cheap though. :) If you have problems setting them up so they show comfortable image, i'll try to help.
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