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I was using NullDC Beta1.6 and I found this topic with an updated stereoscopy plugin here;

but the 3d rips were very buggy & incomplete/inside out (I know that 3dripper only renders whats onscreen)

So today I realised that the newest version was 103 and so Ive upgraded , but now .. No 3D data is ripped at all
My GFX card is a NVidia 8500GT and Shenmue looks much better in 103 over beta106 (still not 100% looking but much nicer)

I assume 103 does support stereoscopy, but now there are more options, can anyone suggest what the best settings for NullDC are for the best 3D Ripper DX rip ? (and confirn that 3d ripper does work with version 103)
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