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3d acceleration of radeon cards

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are they good cards i know i know that geforce is the best.can it playstation emus perfectly like i'm using voodoo banshee 16mb.some cards like s3 are not good how can u compare it with other cards as far as ps emus and other pc games are friend just played rival schools (ps) on his computer with vgs having s3 trio card 8mb.but he says the game is too slow and the grafix are bad.where i played the game on my voodoo perfectly on vgs and epsxe it gives good graphics and speed at almost 60 frames.i guess it is due to 3d acceleration difference?.what do u think
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Firts of all I would like to tell U that VGS uses software renderation.Therefore it has a very little concern with your 3d card.But I will not say that it has no concern with your 3d card.Because currently I have an Asus V3800 (Riva TNT2,m64 pro)32MB video Card,before this I had a Rive Vanta 16MB.I noticed that the performance of VGS was changed moreover when I used petes soft gpu I also noticed some increase in speed.

The performence of VGS depends upon the speed of youe AGP slot.Moreover it also depends upon the speed of your system.Maybe your friend has a slower system then yours.

No!your 3d card is not responsible for your fast speed in VGS......!

Well that is what I think

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