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2D Fighting Games not up to par...

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I have a small assortment of 2D fighters. Come this weekend I will be upgrading to Windows2K. This will not allow me to use VGS, my default fighter emu which runs them perfectly. So I went to my next favorite emu ePSXe. I've tried every single configuration with every plugin available, and the only way my 2D fighters will run smoothly is with the music turned off. Here are my stats:

900mhz AMD Athlon
GeForce 2 w/ 64 megs
640 ram
40X Phillips DVD Drive
Windows Me

I dont think this is related to my comp stats cause it can handle most anything. Any emu says that if you have a GeForce, that you should use an OpenGL Plugin. These plugins for some reason give me the worst performance out of them all. D3D plugins give me the best. Go figure.

Any help on this matter is greatly appreciated.

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Hey sorry to have welcomed you that way in the other thread. I hope you can see why it gets on my nerves though.

Make sure you read up on NickK's plugin cause its still relatively new and has a few bugs to work out.
It happens all the time:eyes:
I changed mine though cause I had just given the link to the file, but I thought it would be better to read your post on it so he knows about any known bugs/flaws.

Its about 1:20am here now. I'll test your plugin tomorrow afternoon.
That is odd. If you config the OpenGL and D3D plugins the same, OpenGL should be faster for you.
You should get the detonator 12.90 driver if you don't have it. I don't remember where to get it, because all those new drivers don't work so great with my TNT2(which, BTW is fastest with OpenGL)
Detonator 3 doesn't really mean the 3.xx series of detonators. AFAIK The nVidia website only carries WHQL certified drivers. The detonator 3 on nVidia's site is actually the detonator 12.41(the last det. to get certified). However this certification thing doesn't really mean its the best driver. Many GF2 owners have said they get better perfomance with detonator 12.90. I'll try to find a link in just a sec.

Its still strange though that you get poor performance in OGL with detonator 12.41. Maybe you have your FSAA settings screwed up.

Detonator drivers
Yeah that's where FSAA settings are. If you were using an old certified detonator it may not have even had FSAA in OpenGL. I think that showed up in the last few months.
I don't know alot about the options for FSAA, but I know that people usually use 2x at a max of 1024x768 and 4x at around 640x480(or 800x600 if its fast enough) because FSAA gives a big Performance hit, but its worth it. Go to the Screenshots forum and check out some FSAA shots.
You can go to edit at the bottom of a post and then delete the thread. If you wanna. Its a legitamate thread though. I posted in it.
Well FSAA is a big performance hit. Did OpenGL increase for you at all with the new drivers?
You won't see a huge difference between 12.90 and 12.41
I'm confused, did you download 12.41? You must have or you wouldn't be able to use FSAA in OpenGL. Oh I got it now. You have 14.21? those are tweaked for Geforce 3 and won't work as good as 12.xx for a GF 2.
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