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2D Fighting Games not up to par...

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I have a small assortment of 2D fighters. Come this weekend I will be upgrading to Windows2K. This will not allow me to use VGS, my default fighter emu which runs them perfectly. So I went to my next favorite emu ePSXe. I've tried every single configuration with every plugin available, and the only way my 2D fighters will run smoothly is with the music turned off. Here are my stats:

900mhz AMD Athlon
GeForce 2 w/ 64 megs
640 ram
40X Phillips DVD Drive
Windows Me

I dont think this is related to my comp stats cause it can handle most anything. Any emu says that if you have a GeForce, that you should use an OpenGL Plugin. These plugins for some reason give me the worst performance out of them all. D3D plugins give me the best. Go figure.

Any help on this matter is greatly appreciated.

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As I've said...

As I had said, I've tried in the most litteral sense every single configuration with all the different plugins... So as far as what I'm using at the moment, for 2D games its up in the air. For all my other games, just take Pete's D3D 1.51 plugin and max out all the settings to look the best. Thats pretty much what I'm set at with all my other games, and they run perfectly... Including FF9.

I've tried all the soft plugins, they boost the performance slightly, but its still too much of a hinderance to continue playing.

Where can I downloading your plugin NikK? I'll try e-mailing you.

I've tried, and downloaded all of those. So if you're wondering which plugins I've tried, just take a look there and those are the ones.

Ah... Another couple things I forgot to add...

Creative SoundBlaster Live! Series
DirectX 8a
Screen Res: 1600X1200 True Color 32b
Detonator 3 Drivers for my GeForce 2

Dont know if that helps at all.

If only there were a Win2K patch for VGS... Then all my problems would be solved... Thankfully I found one for Impact that I can use. If you're curious about that, check out either or It's on one of those.

Anyways, I'll keep doing trial & error over here on my end. Keep me posted if you think of anything else that might help.

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Eh... No problem Adair...

I just tested out NikK's plugin and it is surprisingly the fastest yet. There are a lot of missing graphics, and wierd sprite filtering type stuff, but it sure plays my Street Fighter Alpha 3 at turbo 8 speed just fine. This plugin should satisfy me for the time being.

Now another question somewhat relating to the same thing.

Anyone have any idea as to why OpenGL plugins give me the worst performance out of all of them when I'm using a GeForce 2? Most, if not all documents I read on emu's say that If you're using a TNT, GeForce, or NVidia card like that, that OpenGL will give you the best performance.

Thanx again...
Yeah... you would think so...

Are you sure the Detonator 3 drivers arent better than the 12.90 ones? As far as I know, they're fairly recent. wouldn't NVidia post them on their site?
nevermind... I was mistaken...

They have posted new drivers on their page... Thanx for the remind..
Ok... I'm headed there now...

While I'm at it, what are the FSAA settings? I'm thinking the settings under the display properties in the control panel. The advanced options?
damn... hit the wrong button and started a whole new post... anyways...

Ok... I didn't reccognize the abbreviation. Under the full scene antialliasing i have these options:

2X2 [LOD bias]

I've been using 2X2

So hopefully once i finish downloading the 12.90 drivers with my crappy 56k, I'll get some more options, and better performance.
I tried the 4x ones in both resolutions, it's still too slow to play.

I've been reading through a post about FSAA and GeForce cards... seems some people are having the same troubles I am.
wasnt able to finish downloading the drivers. They were transfering at a blistering 809 bytes per seccond...

I'm trying them from a different site now...
well as I just recently noticed I didnt even have those. I had what I believe to be 4.21 drivers. So I should see a nice boost
no.. sorry... i was a bit confusing... It turns out that at the moment, I dont even have 12.41 drivers. I have detonator 3, but i think they're version 4.12 actually. I just this very moment finished the download of the 12.9 drivers, and am going to install them now.
Ok... Installed the drivers, and it runs flawlessly... 4x FSAA and 640X480

Thanx alot for informing me of these drivers...
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