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256-bit graphics architecture

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I see that the GeForce2 has this. Could somebody please explain to me what it means when it says that a graphics card has 256-bit graphics architecture? Is it the color capabilities in conjunction with some other stuff?
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The first 256-bit graphics architecture is for Matrox G400 but it not real 256 bit architecture but casuse they use daul bus 128x2 =256
I don't know this much.Onemore thing I can say about this is whatever you use resolution and colors you will got same speed in Desktop.
But the first real 256-bit graphics architecture is GeForce256 (I don't know about MX maybe they use 128 bit).I think 256-bit graphics architecture is wider pipe and can send data faster than 128 bit.That is all I know:)
i think that enigma pretty much hit it right on the nose

256 bit is a wider bus line and thus can recieve and send info faster
for example, more cars can fit on a 4 lane high way than a 1 lane road. I am totaly simplifying this concept but its best to understand it terms of real life than in terms of computers that you may not know much about
yey! i have one geforce256!!!!! i din't know that i could put 4 cars inside my videocard...i will try that later.... maybe if i compress them first... :smash:
256 bit is a wider bus line and thus can recieve and send info faster
so does this apply to game consoles also when they say that the psx is 32bit, the N64 is 64bit and so on?
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