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Certainly not what the speaker box is the same as the market does. There are many components that are extremely expensive for the quality, the less advertisers as introduced in the general case it was in its right place with the appropriate quality to cost you money. In this article, I would like to turn your US to the speaker box 2 children is considered the highest quality market that is the TOA BS 678 and BS 634 TOA quality.

TOA BS 634 high quality

This 634 TOA BS line is suitable for those who want to use them for the meeting room or conference room, decorated with a marginally better with a little BS 678 with a speaker bass and treble 1. The front of each speaker is made with curved shapes with small holes to increase the quality of aesthetics as well as help the sound output is more open.

Sound quality of the speaker TOA BS 634 is widely regarded as powerful, clear sound. With broadband 120 ~ 18.000Hz collaboration with big sound intensity levels can be up to 90dB help BS 634 TOA loa âm trần giá rẻ can express some tunes off of the existing popular music as the music market gold, RAP, children, ...
Weight (1 .3 kg) and size (210 (R) × 330 (C) × 80 (S) mm), small as well as one of the great strengths of the product makes it possible to simply transport & set up.

TOA BS 678 high quality

The TOA BS 678 has a rectangular design with a unique color 2 maker TOA major distributors including black & white, depending on who would prefer one color not the same, white & black courteous Stylish . The front of the speakers are available perforated holes to help bring the sophisticated components and sound are out of most languages. TOA power of the BS 678 has moderate strength for a conference meeting, seminar or conference room as it only 6-10 W, it is particularly suitable when combined with some of the amplifier as the TOA TOA in 2240 or 2120.

Sound quality was rated as more users are often extremely warm & fit many users do not require the same. Sounder and more light timbre by 150Hz to 20kHz wideband audio. TOA BS 678 part of the shell is made from pressed wood with high quality MDF helps increase reliability for components & capabilities to help avoid high impact protection products & equipment inside.

The outer part is painted white and black spray painting technology by leading PGCG first time a component is used for audio. According to many reviews, it has high reliability, hard scratched when rubbed a moderate, not too large.

if you want to buy / sell one speaker box had Beautifully decorated just can coordinate perfectly with one number as speaker wall speakers, high-quality speakers, the first compressors in 2 speakers above TOA is perfect choice and your most appropriate. You need to come to the base of the Vietnamese New audio to buy / sell a vast array of high quality & the most genuine offline!
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