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First, how does the Memcard converter work? I tried it with two FF9 saves I have (DexDrive), and all I got was gibberish, and no conversion.

Second, what are the best settings for Lewpy's GPU to play the MegaMan Legends "Trilogy"?

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Second Part :each computer is different. Play around with the settings and see which looks the best and appeals to you the most with both speed and graphics. Its the fun part (getting the best results and showing it too your friends who use a Playstation.):rolleyes:

Set system type to PAL
Each setting has an explination on what it does and recommended settings, and what the other settings do.

Remember they are only settings, if it dont work try something else, also I have a Vodoo card and I found that Petes DX 1.50 gives great results and it makes use of the save state pictures that lewpys dont.

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