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2 problems

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1) I can't play Parasite Eve II. I get to the "Published by Square Electronic Arts L.L.C." screen and it just hangs there.

2) In Chrono Cross the character change (teleporter) screen refuses to appear.

Here's how epsxe is set up:
-Pete's D3D 1.55
-Pete's Dsound 1.12
-Pete's CDR 1.8
-BIOS=7502 or 1001 or 1000

My PC's specs are:
-Pentium 4 at 1.7Ghz
-256 Megs RAM
-64 Meg GeForce 3
-Turtle Beach Santa Cruz DSP
-Windows ME
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Well PE2 isn't playable yet on ePSXe,use FPSë or Psinex for now
And for Chrono Cross,I believe you have to press F7.
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