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2 Problems with FF8 and Pete 1.50

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This has been here ever since Pete OGL 1.46

1. Flickering World Images

Not obvious here, but the mountains would flicker when the game is running.

2. Missing HP Information

Well, well;where is the 3rd person's HP info? This is with extended filtering. Its only the HP for some reason.
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Extended give me flickering images and the numbers are still not displayed... Pete, any suggestions?
Originally posted by Pete Bernert
Mmm... is it really so hard to understand?

for the 3. time: OD MODE 3: E-N-H-A-N-C-E-D...

That's the mode for FF8... no but's, no if's, no maybe's... use it or
don't use it, ignore my answers or don't... I don't care :)

Sorry for not replying quicker... OD is set to enhanced. The weird thing is if i pause it right before (like b4 Zell's duel limit or the displaying of the hp) it is seen, but afterwards, it is gone. Like this with Zell for example:

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1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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