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Hi. Long time reader, first time poster. I have a dell Precision 670 work station

My question is concerning the 2 physical processors. Now it has 4g ram inside and i have a PNY gt 9500 512 ddr3 ram. The processor I have are 2 3.0ghrz, Xeons with HyperTherading enabled witch gives me 4 processor in task manager. It supports sse2 sse3.(picture is attached of mother board).

I thought it would play emulators good but it does not.(pcsx2 and Dolphin) I have the latest revs of the emulators but i only get 30 frame in dbz, 38 in naruto and 32 in mario sushine.

Most configs i see have sse4 enable on gdsx witch my processors does not support.

is the support of sse4 the key to getting good frames?
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