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This should be in the PCSX2 forum.

No, SSE4.1 isn't a make or break. The problem is your CPU(s).

For starters, PCSX2 takes the most of two cores it can, and no more (not that Hyper-threading would equal as much as another real core, not even close). Since you have two single core CPUs, I think, but am not sure, it would treat it as a single dual core, that is, two cores is two cores. I'm not sure how PCSX2 is programmed though, so I don't know, but I'd hope it'd care not how they were arranged, but that two cores were two cores.

So, you have two cores, and PCSX2 benefits nothing from more than two cores (unless it's paired with a Radeon HD3x00 card or Radeon HD4x00 card, neither of which you have), so you're set there, so what's the issue?

The CPU still is. Either way, even if it's two cores, the issue is that your CPUs are slow. The Netburst architecture is not ideal for this. PCSX2 stresses CPU horsepower of two cores above all else (frequency alone does not equal horsepower). If PCSX2 treats those two single core CPUs as a single dual core CPU, you're still looking at basically having a 3.0GHz Pentium D (Hyper-threading makes no difference here). Look for results from such systems, and see if that's what you're getting.
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