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2 beta tests starting

Just today, two of the best N64 emus entered beta stage, and got sent to all the testers. First off, Zilmar announced the first <a href="" TARGET="_blank">PJ64</a> beta release today, which has been sent to people who donated to the project today. Here's a snipset from <a href=";f=25;t=6194" TARGET="_blank">this message board post</A> :<ul>What's rumored to be the final version of Project64 has now entered it's beta testing phase officially as of November 17th.

This beta testing period will be quite long due to the busy schedules of zilmar and myself, as well as the fact we want to get this as good as we can. If you are a beta tester with questions or general feedback please post here, zilmar and myself will do the best we can to provide you with some level of answers to questions you may have. As always our great moderators will help you out where they can as well.</ul>Let's hope it won't be the final version - but now let's just look forward to this great version update. On the other hand, <a href="" TARGET="_blank">1964</a> just today entered beta stage as well. There is no relation between these two however. Here's a part from <a href=";f=17;t=131" TARGET="_blank">Rice's post</a> :<ul>1964 beta 0.6.5 is also out today, sent by Schibo. 1964 is not competing with pj64, or with any other N64 emulators. We sent out beta because both Schibo and I feel very good about current 1964 status, would like to have it beta tested and release it soon.(...)

If you happen to be also a pj64 beta tester, you may try the new Jabo 1.4 beta, then you can report back both to PJ team and 1964 team. I believe 1964 beta testing should also do some help for pj64 beta testing because you will see different problems in pj1.4 and 1964 0.6.5.</ul>Sounds pretty promising alltogether, let's prepare for a hot emu release pre-xmas time ;)
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