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Schibo just notified us on IRC that the <a href="" TARGET="_blank">1964 homepage</a> got updated with a new patch for this cool emulator, which gets several new games working. Looking at the download page, I could find this list of improved games :<ul><li>Zelda MoM
<li>Chameleon Twist 2
<li>Golden Nugget
<li>FIFA Soccer
<li>Madden64 (set ini to Check QWORD and DMA)
<li>Starwars Racer (rcp vid)
<li>Starwars, Shadow of Empire (rcp vid)
<li>Beetle Adventure Racing, is able to show the racing car now
<li>Hydro Thunder
<li>Majora's Mask Plays better now, (but it needs FlashRAM fixes. Game is really not playable without it.) </ul>This patch, however, is only an upgrade over 0.6.4, so you'll need that one first. You can get the 0.6.4a patch <a href="">here</a>. To download the previous version and to get more infos and tools about 1964, head over to our <a href="">1964 section !</a>.
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