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I'm having a series of issues with both the official 1964 release aswell as the latest SVNs. In short, it appears that both the official and SVN behave the same.

OS: Windows 7 64bit, nVIDIA 9600GT, gfx plugin: 1964 community release

The following problems are listed in order of severity:

-timer issue: the game's logo up until the DK rap passes very fast; by very fast I mean above average N64 framerate, as if I'd be using some kind of speedup button. since it's the logo there aren't any serious issues. however, the problem repeats itself specifically in Gloomy Galleon with DK's barrel blast. when it happens there, the lack of sync makes it so that DK is shot up into the air and misses the barrel he was supposed to fall into, thus falling back down to the ground. since it's a cutscene with no controls it's impossible to play the area.

-framebuffer: I cannot seem to find a setting combination that will allow FB effects to work. the start menu, bananaport zipper and barrel tranzitions occur against a black screen.

-transparency issues: objects from a distance that are supposed to first appear transparent and then solidify as you come closer just appear and disappear, there is no tranzition. attempted to force alpha blend with no success.

The last two issues can wait but the first is quite odd and serious. I've tried setting CF to automatic and toggling frameskip without success. Even though the game stays behaved at a steady 30/60/whatever fps when I get to those parts it simply runs at max frames allowed by the computer and desyncs. Switching the graphics plugin does not fix it.
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