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14th JULY !!!

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Yeah ! For all the french ppl of the forum (Not a lot Sick...:( ) This is the 14th july! u know what's that mean ?! RAAAAAAAAAAh j'vais m'bourrer la gueule !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14 July 1789 : Remember that date!
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Ouep !!!

Drunk, Drunk, Drunk !!!

Vive la Bretagne !!!!!

:) :eek: :spy: :wink:
But Shit ! Only 3 frenchies in this forum...too bad

I think I already see him on the forum but ....
Ouep, there's other french-speaking ppl i think (kom les quebequois)

'Tain keske j'fous là à c't'heure là moi....?
La vache la cuite ke j'me suis pris hier...A c'ki parait j'arretais pas d'me vautrer par terre !!!:D :D :D (Vive le Chuchen!! Putain ce truc ca t'retourne le cerveau!:smash: )

And for Sxamiga, not only the 14th July, ALL THE TIME :D
For this night, my liver is ****ed !
1 - 8 of 17 Posts
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