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14th JULY !!!

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Yeah ! For all the french ppl of the forum (Not a lot Sick...:( ) This is the 14th july! u know what's that mean ?! RAAAAAAAAAAh j'vais m'bourrer la gueule !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14 July 1789 : Remember that date!
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YEAH,French Revolution(I guess we would need one more).
For non-french speaking people,when Eijin says:"RAAAAAAAAAAh j'vais m'bourrer la gueule !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "
It means"RAAAAAAAAAAh I'm gonna get drunk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!":D
I like your description of what's going to happen:

:idea: :love: :wtf: :innocent: :D
It wasn't sxamiga,it was Rubicant(avatar confusion I think,that's why sxamiga changer his)
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