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14th JULY !!!

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Yeah ! For all the french ppl of the forum (Not a lot Sick...:( ) This is the 14th july! u know what's that mean ?! RAAAAAAAAAAh j'vais m'bourrer la gueule !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14 July 1789 : Remember that date!
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Happy 14th july to all the frenchies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Let s get drunk!drunk!drunk!:spy:

On va teufer tonight the guys!!

:idea: :love: :wtf: :innocent: :D
Thank u :D

U ve well guessed.
U re perspicacious ;)
There are 4 frenchies....
I dunno what s the other one is doing now... ;)
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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