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1.7.0 Negcon emulation using PC or PS3 dual analogue gamepad.

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Yep, just like the PS1 Madcatz dual analoge gamepad used to do.

[Re-posted this as a new thread, as the thread i replied to was over 1yr old.]

Don't know if anyone but the devs & an update can help here.

In epsxe 1.7.0 twist steering is perfect but buttons I, II & Left trigger can only be assigned to an axis, which causes problems under Wipeout 2097 (similar to previous thread entry listed below) plus limits game to 3 buttons only which could be solved by allowing assigning of digital buttons to axises - like the madcatz did (suggestion for 1.7.1?) -only really want analoge steering anyway.

Yeah, I've tried playing around with the full/negative/positive settings. After setting them to "positive", the car accelerates and brakes only when the pedal is half pressed. When it is set to "negative", the car accelerates and brakes at 1/3 and 2/3.
++++++++edit: the quote below is now obselete-just use for PS3 PC install.


by the way, if you want the authentic psx experience, search for "libusb-win32-filter-bin-" to install a usb driver for the PS3 dualpad to work in windows [& epsxe dualshock].
If you want motion-sense [not for the faint-hearted, allow a few hours/days for controller/game configuration] get "Glovepie 030" which includes instructions [could use in PCSX/harakuri plugin, but has issues under PCSX/gnneco plugin that I can work around by modifying pgnneco.ini as below]

-don't modify pgnneco2.ini, & backup pgnneco.ini before changing min/max values, these are default DirectX settings as seen in DXtweak [another great utility]

[nejiri R]

[nejiri L]

I also found after this mod i had to change the deadzone in wipeout 2097 calibration screen [even though it looks right] each time i play to get it working properly ingame.

PCSX plugins
D3D renderer 1.11 [PAL frame limit=25, 30 for ntsc?] SAPUcdr 1.0, eternal spu 1.4
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libusb is no longer recommended for use with the ps3 control.....
......but it does work, so what else do you recommend I use? And no longer recommended by who & why? The fact is, this issue is not about libusb at all, [I merely mentioned it for psx fans] as PC controllers have the same issue too, as stated in the title.
PS3 pad problem solved, PC pad...dosen't matter so much now

Thanks for the link & update Squall, works great for PS3 pad profiles, analogue throttle still buggy, but prefer digital throttle anyway.

PC pads will need logitech profiler software or thrustmaster 3in1 hardware remapping, etc.
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