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  1. ePSXe
    Hi all. I'm trying configure game controller in epsxe, but faced a weird problem. Window with controller config perfectly recognizes my controller's buttons. Though when I truing to move focus to another input field(by clicking muse on it), left mouse button keycode(272) puts into current input...
  2. Problems with Games
    Hey! Can you help me? I have ePSXe 2.0.5 and gamepad from Xbox 360 Gamepad works well, but there is no vibration. I rechecked everything in the settings application. Everything is fine. What could be wrong? Gamepad drivers have been updated.
  3. x360ce
    Hello, I'm using the new version to try and play Mafia 3 with two controllers: An older Genius steering wheel and an Xbox One S gamepad. I've added both of them to Controller 1, mapped actions to them and I can see both of the controllers doing stuff in the X360CE app, but when I run the game...
  4. x360ce
    I cant use my xbox one controller in rocket league and probably any other game, i used x360ce for AC1 and AC2 i had trouble using the program twice also i installed something called vjoy which was i think needed for the 32x bit version of x360ce, but i uninstalled it immidiatley because it...
1-4 of 4 Results