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  1. x360ce
    Faulting application name: x360ce.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5fb168db Faulting module name: EZFRD64.DLL, version:, time stamp: 0x4693218c Exception code: 0xc0000005 Fault offset: 0x0000000000003654 Faulting process id: 0x3344 Faulting application start time...
  2. x360ce
    Hi, This is quite a niche request but with the game Alien Isolation, there is a mod for it which enabled VR support. However that mod doesn't support motion controllers from VR headsets which makes it quite problematic. However, the game natively supports console controllers (Xbox, Playstation...
  3. x360ce
    I am trying to set up my ps2 gibson SB guitar as an xbox 360 controller using x360ce. When i open world tour it opens as a controller and doesn't register as a guitar. I was trying to follow this tutorial: ScoreHero :: View topic - Guide - PS2/PS3/Wii/All other guitars to work on GH3 PC but...
  4. x360ce
    Burnout Paradise The Ultimate Box does not work with x360ce version i have 47 games only Burnout does not work. any way to make it work?
  5. x360ce
    How do I complete remove all components of x360ce? the configuration seems o have become corrupted and would like to reset everything. Where are all the locations of the files and registry entries to remove. There should be a better way to remove and uninstall easily, unless there is one...
  6. Software Discussion
    Depois de apanhar bastante dos arquivos do emulador consegui configurar e fazer um tutorial pra ajudar a galera que não sabe configurar o emulador de controle do xbox X360ce. Tutorial Emulador X360ce
  7. x360ce
    I cant use my xbox one controller in rocket league and probably any other game, i used x360ce for AC1 and AC2 i had trouble using the program twice also i installed something called vjoy which was i think needed for the 32x bit version of x360ce, but i uninstalled it immidiatley because it...
  8. Open Discussion
    I have a ps2 controller usb, i mapped the keys accordingly, the game is Resident Evil Revelations 2 it's supposed to be xbox so I had to use x360. the program detected the keys but when I open the game. it doesn't recognize the dpad now, it's crucial cuz that's how u change weapons in the game. help
  9. x360ce
    So. I read a LOT of posts on forums and such about DS2 controls working wierdly or not at all. Here I am with my own set of issues I think are related to x360ce not doing its job. My controls on DS2 are f***ed up : • My right stick does not move the camera, in fact it tries to parry on left and...
  10. x360ce
    Hello guys. i wanna share my experience using x360ce. at first this x360ce going well with this game. until something happen. and boomm. the game like does not detect the controller i guess ? idk. the setting probably mess up by someone :( tried to re-install but not work as well. ohh if i put...
  11. x360ce
    Nowhere have I found anything that would help me. My computer: Windows 10 X64
  12. x360ce
    I'm running x360ce on 32bits version to play codmw2, but when i start x360ce, the initial config says that there are 2 joysticks, but i'm using only one!!! also, the 2nd joystick is with the green square ( and it doesn't works ) and the 1st joystick is with the red square ( and it was supposed...
  13. x360ce
    Hi, I'm new over here so I really don't know anything about the program. I'm thinking of using different devices (more than one Arduino) as a controller. * first of all, it is possible to connect my own DIY fan-made controller to x360ce? * it's possible to use different parts of different...
  14. x360ce
    I almost trying and searching for solutions a 3 entire day. I got it works before, very hardly and rarely, but now... nothing works. I tried everything. I have this error sign: (I translated the important parts) System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException: The specified key is not in the...
  15. Open Discussion
    Hi have a generic wired PC controller. This controller has worked fine for games such as NBA19 and F1 2019 on PC, however does not work for Forza Motorsport 7 (would love to know why?). In playing around with trying to make it work for Forza, the controller now works for no games and now does...
  16. Open Discussion
    Hi, I have the xenia emulator that starts the game, I also have the x360ce_x64 setting that works perfectly and the joystick is regular with the keys. But when I start the game, it doesn't read it anyway, what can I do? I have tried all possible drivers: / ps sorry for bad eng
  17. x360ce
    I am getting this error. i watched some videos and installed x86 based windows c ++ but i get the same error again. I'm waiting for your help.
  18. x360ce
    Hello, My PS4-Controller works fine with ,''x360ce'' but the Force Feedback isn't working. I tried every option in the advanced tab and the force feedback tab but nothing happend when I tested it. I hope you can help me! Thanks!
  19. x360ce
    Hi, Is there any way to connect 6 pads using x360ce? And I mean any way ;). Like using two different "x360ce" or duplicating. One of my controllers is Logitech f310, and he is working fine without x360ce, but I have to use him through the "x360ce" because it is the first pad that is connecting...