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  1. x360ce
    i installed x360ce to work on my 3rd party bluetooth controller . When i first log in the game everything seems fine , latency seems unnoticed but minutes after that latency starts to increase by like 1-2 seconds , its even worse when i play multiplayer , this keeps happening and i cant afford...
  2. x360ce
    Hello guys. i wanna share my experience using x360ce. at first this x360ce going well with this game. until something happen. and boomm. the game like does not detect the controller i guess ? idk. the setting probably mess up by someone :( tried to re-install but not work as well. ohh if i put...
  3. x360ce
    I almost trying and searching for solutions a 3 entire day. I got it works before, very hardly and rarely, but now... nothing works. I tried everything. I have this error sign: (I translated the important parts) System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException: The specified key is not in the...
  4. x360ce
    I am getting this error. i watched some videos and installed x86 based windows c ++ but i get the same error again. I'm waiting for your help.
  5. x360ce
    As most of you guys know, GTA V is just a blast with the last Real VR mod and after all this years I wanted to revisit the game from start with the sickest hardware controller setup. I am a huge fan of hardware and have all kind of controllers from many platforms. I plan to do a mega setup...
  6. x360ce
    My controller isnt recognized on x360ce and ive seen a lot of tips to disable passthrough. But how do I do that??
  7. x360ce
    can you please help me solve this problem
  8. x360ce
    Hi, my x360ce program doesn't work on my PC and can't understand why. I tried many possible troubleshootings, but none of them worked. So when i run it as administrator, so i can emulate my gamepad, i save the config, load it and close the program (on my laptop i do the same thing and it works)...