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  1. ePSXe
    I am trying to play Breath of Fire 3 on ePSXe, I'm running into an issue where sometimes when I start up the game my save states are from very early on in the game, so sometimes my save state slots often refer to different save states. I'm also seeing the same issue with my memory card files...
  2. VBA-M
    I play pokemon crystal advance and whenever I quick save it saves the file as -01.sgm and then I can't quick load how do I fix that it REALLY annoys me edit: also I can't use the regular Save feature in the menu (for battery files)
  3. No$GBA
    Hey, I have been attempting to play Pokemon Heartgold. This is my first time using no$gba and I got a problem. Whenever i try to come back from Mr.Pokemon's house I get this message(Picture) and no$gba closes, I have tried to close the game and restart it but it still happened.. I do not know...
  4. Site Help and Suggestions
    So i made this account back in 2016 and iirc, it was because i wanted to figure out Shadow The Hedgehog modding. Nowadays i just do not care and want to get rid of it. It seems that it's "impossible"....? I wonder if that has changed now. Main reason is that i'm restarting my life, anew, so i'm...
  5. x360ce
    Hey So I'm trying to setup my PDP Afterglow controller, the model made for Nintendo Switch (this one: ), to be used in games on my pc. I have the controller plugged in via usb into the pc, and I then...
  6. x360ce
    Hello, I am trying to get my joystick to work with FiveM, there are several guides for this online, however they all instruct me to place the xinput, ini and dll files in the game folder, but x360ce does not create these files, nor does it present me the option to do so. Any help is appreciated.
  7. x360ce
    I cant use my xbox one controller in rocket league and probably any other game, i used x360ce for AC1 and AC2 i had trouble using the program twice also i installed something called vjoy which was i think needed for the 32x bit version of x360ce, but i uninstalled it immidiatley because it...
  8. ePSXe Android Discussion
    I'm playing a couple of games on the Android Ver. But the landscape does not save at all, can't play on portrait mode either,video and audio not saving as well,please help,I do not want to refund this app
  9. ePSXe
    I'm using ePSXe 2.0.5 and mapped the key to SPACE. Here are my settings if it helps: Plugin: Pete's OpenGL2 Driver 2.10 Author: Pete Bernert Card vendor: ATI Technologies Inc. GFX card: AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series Resolution/Color: 1440x900 Fullscreen - NO desktop changing Internal X...
1-9 of 9 Results